About Espudo

“I’ll make you look good…even if you’re an ugly asshole.” – Pino
Hi I’m P.D. Espudo, fearless leader of the Central Coast Espudo Clan.  A talented artist, idea machine, 80’s sex symbol and one of the most interesting human beings (term is used loosely) you’ll ever meet.  I’ve been freelancing full-time pretty much since 2004.  What do I do exactly?…graphic design & creative consulting mainly.  Logos, brochures, business cards, websites, Wordpress sites, creative writing, slogans, jingles…I’m the all around marketing machine!!!  If you need a re-brand or a launch – you’re at the right place.
Born & raised in Salinas, California.  Graduated (barely) from prestigious Salinas High School, go Cowboys!  Marine Corps Veteran, Xbox gamer, Adobe Photoshop Junkie, PC user, loyal Olympus owner, Bing Crisp addict, root beer connoisseur, basset hound roommate, medical marijuana supporter and advocate of federal legalization.  There are so many things you could learn about the eldest Espudo Brother by simply going to the blog section of this website.
On Espudo.com you’ll find most of my personal artwork, photography and also links to my side projects and the family businesses…as well as purchasable art and apparel.
Don’t forget that Espudo.com isn’t just about Big Bro Espudo…but about the entire clan!  This also in part be a portal to projects and businesses that the family is involved in.
Remember, everything you read in the blog section is entirely true for entertainment purposes only. That’s totally a real thing too, true for entertainment purposes only.  Say it to yourself.