About Me

Hi I’m P.D. Espudo, fearless leader of the Espudo Clan.  I’m a talented artist, idea machine, 80’s sex symbol and one of the most interested human beings you’ll ever meet.
Marine Corps Veteran, Xbox gamer, Adobe Photoshop Junkie, loyal Olympus owner, root beer connoisseur and basset hound roommate.  There are so many things you could learn about the eldest Espudo Brother by simply going to the blog section of this website.
On Espudo.com you’ll find most of my personal artwork, photography and also links to my side projects and the family businesses…as well as purchasable art and apparel.

Hi I’m Espudo.

New templates in Espudo’s Nerdy Art Gallery 

Just finished another Star Wars template.  This newest template is meant for pet owners.

In this template, you’ll be a scruffy looking nerf herder, the captain of the Millennium Falcon, the smuggler, the scoundrel…you’ll be Han.  Just like Han was never without his big hair friend, you’ll be accompanied by your best furry friend as well.

This poster can be printed as a torso cut (horizontal) or a full body (vertical) design all depending on your wall. (will upload the latest artwork soon, this one was about 25% complete)


Music is My Passion
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