Movies I Can’t Get Enough Of – Born In East L.A.

"What are you in for?" "Good times!"
“What are you in for?” “Good times!”

Born In East L.A – Starring Cheech Marin & Daniel Stern

Talk about movies I can’t get enough of…dayyyyumn!  I’ve watched this movie probably 10 times a year the last 5 years and who knows how many times before.

It’s one of the very few movies that I know of that shows differences between a not-so-Spanish speaking Mexican American and an actual Mexican.  You may not know it but there are many differences…starting with nationality and native language.

The movie is humorous but it does well at showing how Mexican Americans aren’t really accepted by both white Americans and Mexican nationals (especially if said Mexican American doesn’t esspeak essSpanish).


You can watch the movie mindlessly and enjoy the humor or be touched by the various “let’s just get along” messages.  You can never get enough Daniel Stern in your life…so watch the movie.

What are you in for? – “Good times!”
My how things have and haven’t changed since this movie came out. What can you find in this movie that hasn’t changed?

I’ll go first – Cholos still dress exactly the fucking same.