If At First…

If at first you succeed…try something harder.



What does this fortune say to me?

If you find yourself breezing through that video game…turn up the settings to something more difficult and rewarding.

Is your math class too easy?  Let your professor know that you\’ve already learned what they\’re teaching.  Prove it with an advanced placement exam, so you can move forward to something you don\’t already know.

Don\’t waste your time being good at something that means nothing to you.

Just getting by isn\’t the same as getting fulfillment.  A true way to be fulfilled is to have self-worth.  How can you be proud of yourself if you\’re doing the bare minimum?

Does everyone around you always agree with you?  You probably need to find better employees or friends.  If they never argue with you…they don\’t actually care about you.  (but you don\’t want to be around someone who is always negative)

Simply put, stop being a douche and challenge yourself.