Immigration Reform & Public Outcry

I usually stand in the middle of the road and make my judgement based on my life experiences, current affairs, my religious beliefs, common sense and science.  Is that the norm?  No, but I don’t give a fuck.  I’m not going to side with the right because I agree with a few things and I’m not going to side with the left because I’m emotional about these other things.

As a father who doesn’t see his daughter nearly enough, as a father that doesn’t get to see his daughter on major holidays, as a father that loves his little girl but is kept from her…I feel the pain of parents being separated from their children.  BUT WE’RE STILL IGNORING THE BIGGER ISSUES.

As a Christian, it’s difficult for me to sit here and say that we need strict immigration laws, I love my neigbors and I want to help them.  I understand that the countries where these people come from can be HORRIBLE places.  I feel for them.

As a person of mixed race, it’s hard for me to back the common sense of immigration laws when I do see a level of racism as the reasons for SOME backing those same laws.  I often hear, “This country was built by immigrants!” – and yes, you are absolutely correct!  This country was built by immigrants, but in a time when the land had the space and resources.  California no longer has that.  So much so that EVERYTHING is too expensive and the population is leaving for Arizona & Nevada.

Central & Southern American lands are some of the most beautiful on earth, these places are just as hospitable as the U.S.  If it weren’t for the corruption and laws, surely their people would prosper.  Don’t believe it? Maybe you can find the time to read a bit about how the Aztecs flourished in 200 years.

Why would Mexican nationals, work like slaves in our country…would they not prefer to work in their own homeland if given the opportunity?  Would they not prefer to strengthen their own economy if they had an honest and worthwhile chance?

As a native Californian and a proud American, I MUST SAY – Leaving our borders open isn’t a long term option.  Overcrowding adds to a shitty education system (we’ve already got both).  Poor education systems adds to poverty.  Poverty absolutely leads to desperation and adds to crime which often makes way for organizations like mafia and cartels.  We open up our southern states (and country) to about 1,000,000 immigrants each year.  That’s a San Jose, California sized city population EACH YEAR.  Yet, the people who are ultimately responsible for these people leaving…do nothing but prosper from it.

IF YOU REALLY want to make a difference!?!?  Watch, learn & make your voice heard about crimes going on in THEIR countries.  Form your own opinions.  Not just the videos I’ve posted here, but through your own searches (not just links your friends posted on Facebook).  I encourage you to read.  Read.  Read.  Read.

We can’t house everyone…and that’s apparent with rent, taxes, fees, licenses and daily costs in California. We need to HELP MAKE OUR NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES SAFER…not overcrowd our own.

Continuing to ignore what’s going on down south and using our money and resources to bring unskilled workers here IS NOT A PERMANENT SOLUTION.  The permanent solution is to make their home countries safer.

Let’s start holding THEIR GOVERNMENTS LIABLE instead of letting immigration be the reason we argue about OURS. We have plenty of other reasons to argue about our government’s shortcomings. I’m sure we can find other reasons to fight among ourselves.

For now, we should be pressing this issue with the International Criminal Court…our country, our home is being destroyed internally in part because of EXTERNAL issues.  Issues that we can voice our concerns about and help change.  If you truly believe that we fight wars overseas for crude oil, why haven’t we found a way to fight a NOBLE war down south against cruel and corrupt governments that force people into our country?  Saving money is EQUAL TO making money…and that’s what standing up to corruption down south and decreasing illegal immigration would do in the long run for California and the rest of the U.S.