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    Don’t have an actual CD/Vinyl copy, all music I’ve purchased has been digital.

I write about music for different reasons.  Sometimes, I hear a song in a dream and I’ll write about that.  Sometimes I want to review an album that people won’t stop talking about.  Today, I’m writing about Sammy Johnson because it’s just the right time to do so.  Hjust dropped a single, so this isn’t an album review as much as it is just about the artist himself.  His most recent single as of this write-up is called, ‘Someday’.   A great song to listen to when you feel like giving up. 


There isn’t another voice like his.  Not that I can recall or that I’m familiar with.  It’s raw, it’s powerful and it’s soulful.  He doesn’t…to me at least, sound like he’s been voice trained…but that’s a good thing in this case.  It is a very real and very natural sound.  You won’t confuse his voice with another’s.  He has a masculine voice that sounds like…uhm…underestimation or comfort zone.  Many of the songs will start off with someone that sounds like he’s playing it safe.  Then he’ll get into it and HOLY FUCK!!!…homeboy has some pipes!!!  It slaps you awake and you’ll never underestimate him again.  Then you find yourself wanting him to release into that thunderous roar for every word that he sings. – but then he’d just be a guy yelling shit.


He successfully brings together island vibes from down under + reggae + soul that you actually feel when he sings.  I dare you to listen to the song ‘Sleepwalker’ off of his 2018 album and tell me otherwise.


If you’re a fan of 50’s doo-wop, traditional reggae and unique voices…then Sammy is for you.  He’s got the smoother songs, with slow and low tones.  Then he’ll hit you with a muthafuckin’ ROAR!!!  Sometimes it’s got me thinking he’s gonna break his pipes mid-song and his head is going to explode.  But he pulls it off.


Not sure where I first heard his music, but the first album I purchased was his 2013 release titled, ‘Prelude’ and I’ve been a fan since.  Top of my head, some of my favorite Sammy Johnson songs to sing along to:


  • ‘Mr. Sun’ – Prelude 2013
  • ‘I Fall In Love’  – Prelude 2013
  • ‘Hey’ – Sammy Johnson 2014
  • ‘Since I Met You’ – Sleepwalker 2018
  • ‘Simmer Down’ – Sleepwalker 2018
  • ‘Sleepwalker’ – Sleepwalker 2018


If you’re interested in learning more about Sammy Johnson, visit his website @ where you can buy his music and find links to his Instagram, etc.