Natures Ultra CBD Drops Review

Natures Ultra 500mg - Lemon Lime Flavor
Natures Ultra 500mg – Lemon Lime Flavor

Brand:  Nature’s Ultra

Type: CDB Drops

Strength: 500mg

Flavor: Lemon Lime


Nice package design, first glance left me with no concern that this might be a shady product.  Felt like they spent some time and money thinking about their presentation.  As a freelance designer myself, I appreciate the design they chose.


I took a couple of weeks away from products before giving this one a shot and used only for anxiety and migraines.  Can’t tell you how often during the month I used it, because I didn’t keep track of the days and times.  I always used 2-3 drops.


I can tell you that during the month of using Nature’s Ultra 500mg Lemon-Lime flavor, that I experienced anxiety relief.  It was noticeable and helpful.  It helped with sleep as well, noticeably.


I did not experience less frequent migraines, this particular month they seemed more frequent in fact.  Obviously this isn’t something I’d attribute to the drops, it was just one of those months that I had more frequent attacks.  I did find minor pain relief from Nature’s Ultra 500mg Lemon-Lime CBD oil drops.  Not enough to make me free from the normal level of pain I experience…but I most definitely felt at least mild relief.  If you have discomforts from workouts, getting old pains or a regular headache (not a migraine), I can imagine this product being pretty damn helpful.


Though I do enjoy lemon-lime flavored candy, drinks and actual fruits…I can’t say that the flavor was anything special.  It wasn’t bad though.  You shouldn’t have a problem taking these drops under your tongue.  There wasn’t a heavy after taste or anything like that.


Given my personal experience, I’d recommend Nature’s Ultra 500mg Lemon-Lime drops to help with:


  • sleep loss & or insomnia
  • minor physical pain relief
  • relief from minor to mild anxiety attacks.
  • after workout pains
  • getting old pains
  • regular headaches (not migraine attacks)


Given my personal experience, I would not recommend Nature’s Ultra 500mg Lemon-Lime drops to help with:


  • migraine prevention
  • relief from major chronic muscular or joint pains