I Love Diamonds On A Woman…BUT

As an artist.  As a photographer.  As a dude that grew up around chromed out hot rods and low riders…I love shiny metal objects.  I LOVE WOMEN with piercings.  Give me a couple of pierced nipples and a septum piece over tattoos and big ole nasty fake tits ANY…DAY…OF…THE…WEEK.

Around football season each year, I’m bombarded with jewelry commercials.  Diamonds for the holidays all the way through St. Valentine’s Day.  And I gotta say, I LOVE diamonds.  So much so, that I wold prefer to see diamonds on a woman over metal.

When I finally decide to start dating again, I’m gonna spend a fortune on diamonds…I just know it.  However, she isn’t going to get a diamond wedding ring.  If she wants diamonds, it’s going to be on my terms.  Diamond nipple barbells and diamond nose rings only for my lady.

There’s nothing comparable to a long slender neck with a beautifully well placed diamond around it.  There’s just something about diamonds.  I may be the first man who wants diamonds for his lady more than the lady wants the diamonds for herself.  It looks regal.  Like Audrey Hepburn in a tiara, I like that look.

Damn it, I better start saving my money or I’m gonna go broke the first year of my new relationship.