Nerdy Art

Everyone has wanted to be someone from a movie, comic or video game.  Either when you were a child…or even now in your adulthood.

Don’t let your dream just fade away!  Hire Espudo to create a huge piece for your entertainment room, mancave, bar or underground headquarters.

Be the hero!  Include your best friends and family…include your pets even!!!  These can be the center of attention, bringing you hours of laughs whenever you have company.  The artwork can be as ridiculous, sexy or as gory as you want.  We have tons of action figures, movie covers and posters to help set the mood.

Who have you always wanted to be?



We have main characters, ghosts and templates from all three Ghostbusters movies.

We can also create custom ghosts of anyone you\’d like.


Star Wars

We have main characters from the rebel alliance and empire.  Customized templates based on all movies are achievable. 

We can also have several pre-made templates available.


Horror Genre

We have main characters from Friday The 13th, Elm St., Child\’s Play and others. 

PG-13 style gore or get out of control with B-movie gore.  Our imagination is our only limit.  You decide who\’s carrying your severed head and whether you\’re smiling or not.

In my opinion these are potentially some of the funniest pieces that can be produced because of the B-movie style horror and comedy that often accompanies it.


Walking Dead & Zombie Flicks

We have main characters from the AMC show that we alter to look like you!


We\’ve collected many of the walkers from the show, but the best ones to kill in your artwork are the ones based off your friends, family and pets.

Be a solo badass like Michonne or be like Rick and lead your own crew in a crazy violent zombie slashing scenario.